Popular Shapes of Eyeglass Frames

by Mar 27, 2022

Glasses are not only an aid to vision they can also be a fashionable accessory. Choosing a stylish frame shape allows your glasses to be as individualized as you are! 


Basics of Eyeglasses Frames

Frames for glasses come in three major types: plastic, metal, and rimless.

 Plastic frames are usually thicker frames and come in many colors and shapes. 

Metal frames are typically more durable and can be made thinner than plastic alternatives. 

Rimless frames, or drill mount frames, do not have a surrounding frame around the lenses and are the smallest, lightest frame option. 


Shapes of Plastic Frames 

Plastic frames have the largest variety of frame shapes as the material is easy to manipulate and is durable through manufacturing. 

The most popular shapes of plastic frames are square, round, cat eye, and rectangle. 


Square and Round Plastic Eyeglass Frames

Square and round frames are about equal in size horizontally and vertically. These frames provide a large lens which is optimal for use with bifocals or progressive no line bifocals

The square and round frame styles are similar to the glasses Clark Kent wore as Superman.

These shapes are timeless and traditional. Both round and square frames are popular choices for patients of all ages. 


Cat Eye Plastic Frames

Cat eye plastic frames are slightly oval shaped with pointed tips on the outer edge of both lenses. 

These frames are more feminine than other styles and are iconic as worn by Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. 

Cat eye shape frames are trendy and provide a unique and striking appearance. These frames are best for individuals looking for a stylish statement accessory. 


Rectangle Plastic Eyeglass Frames

Rectangle plastic glasses frames are wider than they are tall. These frames can come in a variety of sizes but are typically shorter than the square alternative. 

Since these frames are slightly shorter, it is more difficult to adapt to a bifocal or progressive lens in these frames. However, with the appropriate fitting, these glasses can be used for multifocal lenses successfully. 


Shapes of Metal Frames

Metal frames are often less flexible than plastic frames and come in more defined shapes. 

Rectangle, oval, and aviator metal frames are among the most popular shapes of metal frames. 


Rectangle Metal Frames 

Metal frames which are rectangular have distinct, sharp edges which help set borders on the face and give these frames a timeless style. 

These frames are frequently worn by men and women such as seen worn by Bill Gates frequently. 


Oval Metal Frames 

Oval metal frames provide a unique and stylish option for men and women alike. These frames are similar in shape to the rectangle option but have softer lines to soften the edges. 

These frame shapes are ideal for those looking for small frames. Individuals with high prescriptions often benefit from these shapes as the thickness of the lenses is minimized in the oval shape. 


Aviator Metal Frames

Aviator metal frames are best known from their sunglass counterparts which are issued to the Air Force and were featured in the movie Top Gun. 

These frames have a solid metal bar over the top of the two lenses that provides additional support and offers a unique style aspect. 


Choosing A Frame Shape

When selecting a frame, the shape of the frame is one of the most important aspects and along with color is able to be modified the most for style. 

Choosing a frame that serves both to provide great vision and is a stylish accessory can elevate your eyewear to another level. 


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